FOCUS 17 New era, October 2020

In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, governments, communities, and individuals are seeking guidance on the best ways to respond to this immense challenge. The human rights framework offers a relevant guide. The guidelines of various international bodies and the actions of civil society organizations attest to this. Both the United Nations and the [...]

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FOCUS 15 New era, December 2019

The human rights crisis that has plagued Mexico, aggravated by the so-called “War on Drugs”, has produced tens of thousands of victims of state and criminal violence –and, particularly, violence within the intersection between the two– which translates into an immeasurable number of broken lives and suffering. This, however, is not the only face [...]

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FOCUS 11 New era, November 2017

The struggle to eradicate torture in Mexico faces enormous difficulties. The generalized, persistent, and unpunished use of torture is one of the principle facets of the country’s ongoing human rights crisis and has been the subject of numerous expressions of concern from international bodies. Unfortunately, torture is a mainstay of the Mexican criminal justice [...]

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FOCUS 9 New era, July 2016

Today, men and women from all over Mexico are organizing to use their knowledge and the law to defend their land against destruction by so-called mega-development projects, including the extraction of mineral resources foreseen in Mexico’s energy reform. As land takeovers tear the social fabric of Mexico’s communities, the violation of the right to [...]

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FOCUS 8 New era, Fall 2015

As our readers know, Mexico’s crisis of violence and serious human rights violations takes place against a backdrop of territorial disputes between rival criminal organizations. The government’s official position is that it fights against these organizations in a “war against crime” whose different parties are perfectly distinguishable. The reality, exemplified in cases such as [...]

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FOCUS 7 New era, Spring 2015

Over twenty-six years ago, a group of Jesuits founded the Miguel Agustín Pro Juárez Human Rights Center (Center Prodh) to respond to a reality in which human dignity was ignored and trampled. Following what they called “the signs of the times,” the Jesuits recognized with keen foresight that as the 1980s neared their close, it was time for [...]

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