FOCUS 4 New era, Fall-Winter 2013

In this issue of Focus, covering fall and winter 2013-2014, we examine several topics that are crucial to understanding the human rights situation in Mexico today. Among these is the right to protest, which is increasingly under attack not only in numerous states but also in Mexico City (The Federal District), where a local [...]

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FOCUS 3 New era, Summer 2013

Despite the international community’s recent focus on the human rights crisis in Mexico under the National Action Party (PAN), which held the presidency during the last 12 years, it is crucial to recall that during the preceding 71 years the Institutional Revolution Party (PRI) was in power, and these decades were also marked with human rights abuses. In short, Mexico during the past century has been characterized by [...]

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Focus Magazine (2004-2011)

These are the last editions of the first era in the Focus Magazine, arranged by date of appereance, from 2004 to 2011, this is a digital archive for consultation. The files are in PDF format for downloading. Download No. 42 - December 2011 Download No. 41 - September 2011 [...]

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