13 Years after the Pasta de Conchos Mine Explosion, Families Demand Recovery of their Loved Ones’ Bodies

Today, February 19, 2019, is the 13th anniversary of the disaster that deprived 65 workers of their lives in the Pasta de Conchos mine in the state of Coahuila, Mexico. For this reason, the families conducted a religious ceremony in front of the counter-monument located at the corner of Paseo de la Reforma and Río Rhin in Mexico City. Afterwards, they placed 63 mining helmets and coal in a cage, which they will be taking out as the bodies of the 63 unrescued mineworkers are recovered from the mine.

The families met yesterday with Alejandro Encinas, Undersecretary for Human Rights, Migration, and Population, who pledged to set up an interinstitutional working group next week in order to plan a route for the recovery of the bodies of the mineworkers. It should be highlighted that, in his morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador pledged as well to recover the bodies of the miners and to heal the open wounds inflicted by this tragedy.

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