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Ayotzinapa case: New information shows flaws of official version and highlights new lines of investigation


Mexico City, April 12, 2018. Today the Mexican newspaper “Reforma” revealed that on the night of the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa and in the days after the events, there was an intense exchange of telephone messages between alleged criminals in Iguala and in Chicago, Illinois, where information about the events was discussed and even important instructions were issued from the US.

This new information is relevant for the families of the disappeared students and the representative organizations, because:

1. It corroborates that the Interdisciplinary Group of Independent Experts (GIEI) was right, regarding the need for the Mexican government to open and exhaust the line of investigation related to the drug trafficking from Mexico to the United States, specifically from Iguala to Chicago. The GIEI noted the accusation that had existed since 2014 in the Northern District Court of Illinois against persons linked to Guerreros Unidos for drug trafficking to the US, using, among other means, passenger buses, a case that is the source of the referred messages. The press article confirms the severity of the delay of the PGR in accessing this information, which was requested by the families since 2016.

2. The article warns that the criminal organization Guerreros Unidos, far from being a criminal group of regional scope, headed by figures of medium importance with exclusively municipal links, is in reality a complex transnational drug trafficking network in the process of expansion, linked to the transfer of heroin in buses, colluded with levels of municipal, state and federal government and whose real organization chart is still unknown. An example of this is the reference made in the messages to their illicit relationship with the Government of the State of Guerrero.

3. The messages also show the weakness of the so-called “historic truth”. Particularly we refer to the message published indicating that “60 packages are secured and others with San Pedro”, assuming that the word “packages” refers to people. According to the phone taps, this message was sent on the 27th September at 3:28 pm, which is in clear contradiction to the official theory, as according to the PGR, at that time the students would have been executed and incinerated, while the message is clear that at that time they had “secured” packages.

4. It is evident that the supposed “infiltration” of the students never existed. On the contrary, from the first day of the events, the senders of the messages clarified that in the buses there were students of Ayotzinapa and point out that in reality, on that night, other violent events not yet investigated could have occurred.

Almost 43 months after the events, the messages confirm that the case cannot be closed and that the official explanation that has been given is unsatisfactory. In light of the revelation of the national newspaper, we demand that the PGR exhaust all lines of investigation that arise from the messages, avoiding a overtoneshasty closure with electoral overtones, and continue with the scrutiny of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (CIDH) and the collaboration of the American agencies.

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