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Greenpeace and Center Prodh salute Amnesty International’s decision to name forest defender Ildefonso Zamora a prisoner of conscience

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  • Judge Vicente Antonio Bermúdez has the power to free the environmental activist
  • Amnesty International confirms the indigenous leader’s innocence

Mexico City, May 9, 2016.- The naming of forest defender Ildefonso Zamora as an Amnesty International prisoner of conscience confirms that his imprisonment is unjust and lacks any basis in evidence.

This decision by the world’s largest human rights organization should be taken into due account by Mexico State governor Eruviel Ávila, as well as by Judge Vicente Antonio Bermúdez, who will soon decide whether to free Ildefonso in response to the indigenous leader’s amparo constitutional challenge.

Greenpeace Mexico and Center Prodh, organizations who have accompanied the Zamora family since 2004, trust that Judge Bermúdez will free Ildefonso, recognizing that the unfounded accusation against him seeks only to inhibit his work as an environmental defender. The defense of the forests of the San Juan Atzingo area has already led to grave retaliation against the Zamora family: in 2007, illegal loggers murdered Ildefonso’s son, Aldo.

The organizations accompanying Ildefonso have launched the campaign #IldefonsoLibre (“free Ildefonso”), which includes an online petition to the Governor, state Attorney General Alejandro Gómez, and the President of the state Supreme Court, Sergio Medina. Today, with more than 22,000 signatures, none of these authorities has given any formal response.

However, Judge Bermúdez has the power to step in where other authorities have failed by granting this environmental defender his freedom.

You can find audio-visual material about Ildefonso and his environmental work here (in Spanish):


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