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“They have destroyed the life of this place”: Megaproyectos, human rights violations, and environmental damage in Mexico

Large-scale public works projects and resource extraction initiatives (known as mega-projects or megaproyectos), such as dams, highways, and mines, are on the rise in Mexico. While the Mexican government claims that these development projects are undertaken in the public interest, megaproyectos can have devastating consequences for local communities and the environment, and often benefit powerful […]

Joint Mexican civil society follow-up report on 2013-2014 UPR

Following Mexico’s second Universal Periodic Review (UPR) before the UN Human Rights Council in 2013, in July 2014 a broad array of civil society organizations produced this follow-up report to systematize the nearly 200 recommendations and present a brief diagnosis with priority actions in each of the thematic areas covered. Many of these organizations, such […]

Download the report “Broken Justice in Mexico’s Guerrero State” by Open Society Justice Initiative

The report “Broken Justice in Mexico’s Guerrero State” by the Open Society Justice Initiative – with support from Center Prodh and Tlachinollan Human Rights Center – analyzes the impunity and other structural problems that have made Guerrero a state with enormous deficiencies in the investigation, trial, punishment, and reparation of atrocities and mass human rights […]

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